Protect the Hatchlings

Designed with Lynn Zhou(Collaborator)

Instructed by Professor Marcela Godoy

Protect the Hatchling is a multi-player game designed for kids under the age of 12 specifically. Through this game, we want to raise their awareness of protecting the environment and endangered animals. After children experiencing in an immersive environment how difficult it is for a baby turtle to survive in nature, they can collaborate together to save the endangered turtle babies. 

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High Five!!!

Designed with Lynn Zhou(Collaborator)

Instructed by Professor Marcela Godoy

"HIGH FIVE" is a game device that can be played by six people. Each person will have to choose a hand and high five with it. Only one person's high five can trrigger the clapping sound effect and he will become the high five king(the winner) for the game. The purpose of our project is to randomly select a winner from a group of players of 6 or less.

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Survival Under Covid-19

Instructed by Professor Thomas Pötsch

Survival Under Covid-19 is a game created using Python. it is inspired by the game Battle of Balls, but with only one player. The player will need to combat aginst the cronovirus and protect themselves by "wearing" the mask as well. This game is designed under the context of our global pandemic to raise people's awareness of public health. At the same time, it intends to alleviate current stress by providing a fun time for players.